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Our growing collection makes daily living a little easier,

adapting to your lifestyle so you always have time for the things you love most.

Why Life Sensor Home?

You Can Stay Connected to Your Family

You Can Save Money on Energy Bills

You Can Prevent a Small Leak from Causing a Disaster


The features and tools are designed to interface with any type of person or requirement, solving problems or hassles generated by the non-flexibility of standard systems or with limited functionality.

Life Sensor App

The study of Life Sensor Home was based on being able to make smart and safe your home, mixing with the habits and automatisms of people who live in a house.

Appliance Control

Remote Control

Security System



Smart Lighting

With Smart Lighting you can change the color and the intensity of the lights in your house, adapting them to your needs and making your home perfect for any situation.

You will be able to create scenes based on your daily routine habits and activate them with just a few taps on the Button.

Security sensor

You can detect the condition of the doors in real time. Whenever the sensor detects a suspicious movement, you will receive notifications on your mobile phone.

Whenever a door or window is opened without your previous authorization you will receive real-time notification. Also you can also preset a scene (i.e. make all LifeSensor Lights red)  in order to prevent your kid from opening doors or windows putting him/her self in danger.

Security sensor is not only useful for keeping your home safe: by associating Life Sensor scenes to  security sensor you will be able to explore a whole new range of functionalities

Smart Energy

Make your home a Smart Energy Home. You will be able to enjoy all the benefits of low power bills.

Keep track of the power consumption in real-time trough notifications on your mobile,smart Energy can be associated to Smart Lights in order to create new scenes.

By associating Smart Energy to most recurring scenes, the user will be able to turn off all high consumption devices when leaving Home.


You can secure the rooms in your house with a Smart IP Camera. Keep an eye on you Home wherever you are.

Thanks to the night vision with automatic detection, the IP Camera works perfectly during the night.

Through the microphone and the speaker, the Camera allows you not only to see but also to listen to the sounds in your Home when you’re not there.


Control all the IR appliance in the room from one device. You can manage the IR appliance anywhere and anytime from the APP.

Associating IR appliance to Smart Lights you will be able to turn off the lights, turn off the  air conditioned and turn on your favorite TV series episode at the same time. All of this with one tap.

All the IR non-smart appliance that were already in your home will be controlled from the LifeSensor IR blaster becoming part of the Life Sensor smart family

Heating Control

Set the temperature in your home according to your needs. Managing the temperature is the most effective way to make your home comfortable and save energy costs.

You will be able to control the temperature of your Home from the APP and the Button, everywhere you are.

Safety Devices

Through these devices you will be able to prevent combustible gas leakage and detect toxic gases. These detectors can provide you with notifications on your phone and help you prevent a small leakage from turning into a disaster.

Life Sensor Hub

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Speaker Multiroom

Clean Robot

Technical Details

Your kids always protected

Through specific tools and functions,  Life Sensor Home can be used to protect the safety of children.

Any need LifeSensor help

You can protect different zones, making the system suitable for any need, your habits and your lifestyle.

Limitless lighting

Play with light and choose colors to instantly change the look and atmosphere of your room. Set the scene effortlessly with one touch of a button. Use a favourite photo and relive that special moment with splashes of light. Save your favourite light settings and recall them whenever you want with the tap of a finger

Anywhere Life Sensor

With LifeSensor, peace of mind is ensured even when you’re not at home: you can check your system at any time, even from far away.

If Life Sensor then that

Pair selected LifeSensor Home devices to other IFTTT-enabled products and apps to create your own recipes and do amazing things around your home.

The easiest way to make your home a smart home.

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