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Life Sensor Button

A button that can ease all your tasks at once.

All you want with one single tap.

Why Life Sensor Button?

Compatible with more devices



Fully Custombizable

Life sensor button can create endless scenes


Button Home

A button for home

Button Home enables every family member to control lights, play music, activate scenes and much more

Make your home lively and creative in three taps

Button Voice

Control everything with your voice

Through voice assistants you can control the whole ecosystem and ask for information about your son's body heat or your house's temperature

Button Move

Move version,

developed to travel with you

Energize your IoT devices with the power of conversation!

On each Life Button you can program the most recurring scenes, simplifying iteration with your home and your life

With a one-click command you can trigger more actions at once.

Control lights

Play music

Control thermostats

Activate your security alarm

Set the mood

Set or snooze alarm

Brew coffe from bed

Much More

Empower your brand with a corporate smart button

Add your logo and your colors to the smart button and make LifeSensor Button the unforgettable corporate gift which will make your brand visible at every use

Good Morning Scene

Waking up in the morning you will need just one click to lift the shutters, heat the coffee, switch on the heating and deactivate the security system

Multimedia Scene

With a click you can control music, lights and tv setting a cinema atmosphere

Work Scene

While you're at work with one click you will be able to start the cleaning robot, the washing machine and  turn on the air conditioner

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