Discover an expanding ecosystem that will simplify your life with interconnected customizable devices.

Trough Life Sensor is possible to control every kind of device, wearable, tracker and sensor, performing activities like registration, activation, communication, protocol management, updating and real-time conversation.

Life Sensor

Why LifeSensor?

Innovative Architecture

High-Value Applications

 Advanced Digital Sensors

Our Vision

At Life Sensor we aim at enabling people to fulfil themselves by making learning accessible, personalized and fun.

Our Ecosystem

Every product in the Life Sensor family is beautifully designed, user-friendly and simple to set up

It can work on its own and it can be connected to other products in the Life Sensor Ecosystem

Living Better has never been so easy

Have you ever thought you could wake up in the morning and have hot coffee ready? What would your life be like if you no longer had to worry about forgetting your doors open or leaving your children alone at home? Would not it be nice to always have your pet under control and be able to play with him even if you're away?

Imagine not having to tell your boss that you are late if there is too much traffic, imagine you know how your family is at any time, imagine having more time for yourself and not having to worry about anything because there is It is already someone who takes care of this.

Now you can stop imagining all this because Life Sensor is a reality!

Our goal is to ease your daily life tasks by connecting people and technology. We aim at providing products & services that have essential value and originality, bringing tangible business benefit.

More than just technology

Life Sensor is more than linking devices together across technological and geographical borders. Life Sensor is about creating an ecosystem to connect people with each other and to their environment. An ecosystem where things are becoming smart because of the way human beings are connected with them.

Connection agnostic to support almost any IoT device, offering ultimate flexibility when building your ecosystem.

Our application development platform is user- friendly and can be integrated to the client’s existing background systems. The service may also be expanded later by adding new elements.

Enabling the Internet of things for the LifeSensor Ecosystem

Create long range,low power,low cost IoT solutions. Together with advances in sensors and other technologies, make it possible to create IoT ecosystems that enable remarkable new interactions in products like health monitors, entertainment devices and home appliances

The Life Sensor platform is developed and designed by Beam Digital.

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